WNBA – The Answer to NBA Betting Withdrawal

NBA fans the world over are going through major betting withdrawal symptoms as we speak, but ther is hope, there is a fix to this problem; the WNBA. Ok, we get it, the WNBA may not be the NBA and it may not feature the high flying dunks and the showmanship of a LeBron James or a Kevin Durant, but it’s still professional basketball and these ladies can bring it. They do bring it. They know how to play basketball the right way. The fundamentals are a key element of the WNBA and if you like seeing basketball played in a pure sense, then you must check out the WNBA and what they have to offer.

Bet on NBA – Understanding Basketball Betting Lines

Most of the major and definitely the better offshore bookmakers offer the WNBA and they offer a wide variety of betting options. Check with your favorite bookie and make sure they do indeed offer the WNBA. There are many reason that bettors like to bet on basketball and one of them is the fact that basketball is a quick game. The quarters are quick, the halves are quick and most of the games are finished in less than 2 ½ hours. The fast pace of the game really make basketball a fun bet and many sports gamblers prefer the WNBA and NBA to baseball and even football.

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If you are going to bet on the WNBA, there are a few things that you should know. Maybe you know some of them and maybe you don’t or maybe you simply need a quick refresher on how to bet basketball.

Betting the WNBA is virtually the same as betting any basketball league as well as college basketball. Of course, the most popular way to bet is on the point spread. There is also the money line, totals, quarters, halves, and live wagering.

The Point Spread:

Many of the online gambling advise sites will explain point spread betting as the favorite team –giving points and the underdog –getting points. That is a fine way of explaining it but there is a better and easier way of looking at the point spread and what it really means. Take a look at the following example:

Washington Mystics + 2.5 (-110)
Atlanta Dream -2.5 (-110)

What this means is the Washington Mystics are the underdog and if you choose to bet on them, they can lose by 2 points and you have still won the bet. If you decide that you like the Atlanta Dream in this bet and you bet on them, they must win the game by 3 or more points in order for you to win the bet.

The money part of this bet is the figure you see beside the spread on each team, the -110. This is the “juice” the “vig”. Think of the money in these kind s of terms: Every bet starts out at even money; correct? Sure, it does. Let’s use $1.00 as the example. Every bet starts out at $1.00 being exchanged. The sportsbooks have to make money, or they would not be in business. Since they are the ones putting up the money and offering the general public a chance to beat them; they charge a commission. The additional .10 cents that you see is the commission.

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If you decide that you want to bet on the favorite and you like the Atlanta Dreams chances of winning this game by 3 or more points, then you must spend $1.10 in order to win $1.00 plus your original $1.10 in return. If you decide that you like the under dog and you think the Mystics will keep the game close or possibly even win, then for every dollar that you spend; you will win $1.10 in return plus your original bet amount back.

As we said before, there are many ways to bet on the WNBA so be sure and check with your favorite bookie for all of the ways they offer. Also, check out their “how to bet” section on basketball, you can learn a lot of the great ways in which to bet, thus furthering your chances of winning some great money.

The bottom line here is about the action and having fun. The WNBA is not the NBA, but it’s the next best thing. The action is heating up and the sportsbooks love to give player bonuses. Check them out today and start winning.