Tips for Betting NCAA Basketball Totals

Today we look at betting NCAA basketball totals. The NCAA Tournament is the most bet sporting event every year, and that means it’s time to perfect your betting strategy. Popular bets in college hoops are totals. There are various totals in every game that can put a lot of money in your pocket.

College basketball totals are a lot different than these wagers in the NBA. This is why you have to understand some critical notes before locking in an NCAA basketball totals bet. 

Here are my tips for betting NCAA basketball totals.


Understand Team Philosophy

There is a lot that goes into betting totals in college basketball. You cannot just view statistics before locking in a total bet if you want to win frequently. 

It’s critical to understand a program’s philosophy. This will help indicate if a game is going to go over or stay under the line. 

If a team is built around offense, this program is more likely to play in a game that will go over. If a team is not an offensive juggernaut, but they play great defense, you should pay attention to the under.

Teams that run the floor or shoot a lot of three-pointers are offensive-minded. Defensive teams consistently play in low-scoring games.

Look at a team’s framework before locking in your bet slip. The head coach’s mentality determines philosophy because of the type of players they recruit.

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Advanced Analytics – Betting NCAA Basketball Totals

Advanced analytics are your best friend after understanding program philosophy. Points per game is not the best indication of performance. 

Look for statistics that deal with other aspects of scoring when betting NCAA basketball totals. Two of the best statistics are points per possession and offensive efficiency. 

Points per possession show how frequent a team is scoring every time it takes the basketball. 

This statistic helps you predict points based on the estimated number of possessions in a contest. Offensive efficiency is a team’s success percentage over 100 possessions. 

These advanced analytics help give bettors an idea about how teams will fare against unique opponents. 

Look for Slumps and Hot Streaks 

A team may have a tendency to score a lot of points, but college basketball is heavily based on stars. The best units are well rounded, but college teams usually are filled with a couple of impact players.

One or two players in college basketball can significantly alter a total. Pay attention to how stars are playing in the past few games. 

You should also see if any bench players have stepped up. Successful bench players help totals go over more frequently.


Line Shop When Betting NCAA Basketball Totals

All sportsbooks were not created equal. This fact is true in the regular season and during March Madness. 

If you are not line shopping every bet, you are giving away money to the bookie. Line shopping is the most critical tip to help you win on college basketball totals.

There are sites dedicated to showing you the best lines. Take advantage of these resources to choose the right bet. 

A couple of points betting NCAA basketball totals can make or break every wager. If you want to win on totals, you will embrace line shopping.