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Rating$ Up For Western Conference Final Game Two 5/18

NBA Free pick 5/18

A boon to basketball, ratings, and betting flow with the Western Conference Final going on between the Thunder and the Warriors.  This high powered series is star fueled and has pushed TNT NBA ratings to new heights.  With more people tuning in, the sport and the wagering aspects on it are growing by leaps and bounds.  Good Morning APEX Basketball Betting fans.  Today we not only have a free pick to profit by for Game Two but other ways to increase that bankroll from your superior knowledge of all things NBA.

Rating$ Up for Game One

Fans, bookies, handicappers, and the league were all happy with the numbers that came in for Game One’s broadcast.  Up 37 percent from last year was what the NBA reports in their rating increase over last year’s Western Conference Final.  What does this all mean?  That not only are people interested in watching but are divided by the prospects from both teams.  Polarized camps mean that people want to back up their instincts with some timely wagers to liven up the action.  Bookies are recording record takes for this round.  Why not go to the other side and have a steady flow of income from being you own boss?  Our friends at The Street Betting have put together a series of articles on Pay per Heads which is the effortless system to get you into the world of becoming your own bookie.

Free Pick For Game Two

Warriors were way off in their three point shooting in the second half of the Game One loss.  However, both Duran and Westbrook were not lights out for OKC either.  The difference in the game was rebounding.  OKC is one of the best boarding teams in the league.  They won this battle and it translated to a huge advantage at the free throw line.  When the defending champs on their home court see the visitors go to the charity stripe over ten times more than they did then the rebounding edge is huge.  Champs get the benefit of the whistles so the Thunder advantage on the boards can not be overstated.

Golden State can win a few games by shooting lights out but a best of seven is prohibitive from allowing a team to advance just from hot shooting.  The spread for the 9PM start is at -9 on the home team.  Until Golden State can prove they can stop the Thunder from crashing the glass, these spreads are not coverable on a routine basis.  9PM start in this one.  Get your America’s Bookie accounts topped off with a deposit and bet big.  OKC +9 to increase your bankrolls is the play of the day.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Basketball Betting.


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