NBA news sixers in selling mood

Too much of a good thing is what is being talked about in NBA News in reference to the Philadelphia 76er’s.  Wonderful to see one and all back here at APEX Basketball Betting.  Seemingly having high draft picks each season, the Sixers decided to take the perceived best available talent instead of drafting for need.  As a result, they have a glut of talent in one dimension.  Find out how this is not working for them and what they are trying to do about it right now here at APEX Basketball.

NBA News : Okafor or Noel

This tandem has frankly been trash on the floor.  One of the ways to judge this is to see how many points less they are scoring per 100 possessions than the opposition.  It rings in at an astounding 20 points in the negative direction.  Other teams dominate this duo because they are not complimentary to each other.  Front office has been trying to get rid of Okafor a little bit more.  He is refined more in the skills department but has shown an utter unwillingness to play defense.  This is why Noel is generating more calls but nothing to the amount yet in offers where the Sixers will part ways.

Charlotte Should Be Knocking Down the Door

Hornets are one of those teams on the cusp of getting to the next level in the East.  For this to happen, an upgrade in the front court is mandated.  Look at Cody Zeller.  He is an able body who can play center to absorb minutes.  To think of him as a difference maker or leading your team to another level is a flight of fancy.  Hibbert is your third option and a good one for five to ten minutes a game.

Both teams could use an infusion that this trade could bring.  Noel is the better long term as his effort is steady while Okafor seems to really struggle with off the court issues.  Check back next time at for more Sixer’s news dealing with their talented but over crowded front court.