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NBA Futures : Concern about Dwight Howard Move?

Dwight Howard Knicks

NBA Futures market will be in an uproar after July 1st.  The start of free agency is expected to shift the power all over the league.  One of the places where the turmoil has already started is in Houston.  Dwight Howard has left over $23 million on the table with the Rockets having zero intention of signing him.  Good afternoon APEX Basketball Betting fans.  Today we look at his expected destinations and how they might effect NBA season wins next year.

NBA Futures : We are Fine

There was a point in the Rocket’s season where Dwight Howard was out for an extended period of time with injuries.  In that spurt, the Rockets became more of the run and gun three point shooting team we all suspect they were.  When Dwight comes back, he was not used much.  He goes to the general manager to ask for more playing time.  GM tells we are fine with what we are doing.  After the hiring of Mike D’Antoni in the offseason, Dwight did not want to be there.


So he just does not turn in $23 million unless he suspects he will get more.  Four to five teams have interest but only three are serious.  Look for these teams in the Americas Bookie sportsbook when the season wins props come out after free agency.

  • New York
  • Dallas
  • Milwaukee

If he goes to the Bucks look for that team to fall apart.  Howard’s lockerroom demeanor is bad and being in Wisconsin for winter will not warm him a bit.  Dallas would see there season win total rise because of their desperate need of a big man.  The Knicks have a lot to spend and the Triangle would be good for his slowing style.  Go over on the Knicks win total if Dwight goes to the Big Apple.

APEX Basketball Betting implores you to do your homework now.  Get a feel where the players are going.  When the shifts occur, you will have a good foundation of the new future of the league.  Invest in America’s Bookie for your NBA season wins and reap the profit.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Basketball.



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