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NBA Free Agency : Just the Pursuit Throws Them Off?

NBA Free Agency Spurs

NBA Free Agency has most teams flinging cash and offers like mad.  A few franchises prefer to take the surgical approach.  Construct a plan, prepare, and then complete the procedure at hand.  But what if just entering the arena for some players proves not only to be a distraction but a blow to the philosophy they have crafter?  We are talking about the San Antonio Spurs and their uncharacteristic courtship with Kevin Durant.

NBA Free Agency : Big Fish

While LeBron opted out of his contract, Kevin Durant is the one touring most of the NBA.  That is because his chances of leaving the Thunder are much greater than James leaving Cleveland after bringing them a championship.  One knows the level of interest from the market in general when Pop plans to board and plane and go to meet Kevin.  Now a talk is one thing but can this be serious when considering the amount of dark magic they would need to make this work with the salary cap.  They would have to cut at least Patty Mills with either Diaw or Green.  Duncan would also have to restructure for next to nothing to get them close.

Aldridge was the Harbinger of Change

Last year’s big signing of LaMarcus Aldridge started to dispel the notion that a team of lower paid players could continually compete.  With their three superstars aging rapidly, they needed an infusion of youth and talent. Aldridge was the right move but by bringing the big bucks out, there is no putting the genie back in the bottle.  Untouchable used to be the mantra of this franchise.  Now they would almost be willing to push Duncan to pasture if they could sign Durant.

Why is this important?  It makes it really hard to keep the players that they have found in the draft and developed.  Other teams will eventually thank the Spurs in cap space tight times when Tiago Splitter and Cory Joseph.  This is part of the offseason analysis that people who bet at America Bookie should look into.  Get the feel of the season right now.  Prepare for the landscape to change on July 1st and be utterly ready to pounce on NBA season win totals when they come out.  Good fortune in your sports investments today and we will see you next time here at APEX Basketball Betting.


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