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Live Lines in NBA Playoffs Hawks @ Cavs Game Two

Live Lines Cavs Game Two

To wait or not to wait for the hook is the live lines hunt for Game Two of the Hawks @ Cavs series.  Your mental outlook determines whether you want the element of a push or to go for a decisive result all of the time.  Good morning and welcome back to APEX Basketball Betting.  Today we examine the seven point spread assigned to Cleveland against the Hawks.  A lack of significant overnight movement indicates that most think that this line is fairly accurate.  Now it is our job to monitor the live lines and make the decision on which team to back for this May 4th game.

Live Lines

Part of the allure of monitoring the live lines section here at APEX Basketball is one gets to see how long previous moves lasted on the game.  Click on your favorite book like America’s Bookie and it comes complete with the spread and when it moved.  Gives one an impression that should it shift to – 7 1/2 again, how quick one has to act to get this?  For our basketball investment in this one, – 6 1/2 we are going to pound.  The push element adds frustration to some because all time watching the game only just to get your money back.  Should the Cavs get to – 6 1/2, it does not look to last long so we monitor the live lines and pounce when it gets there.

Why Cavs for Game Two?

Forget about the Cavs losing focus in Game One.  This happens to teams that are not challenged and this one most certainly is not.  Cleveland is getting production from their defense that strangles the Hawks offense.

  • Love and Tristan shut down Hofford and Millshap in Game One
  • JR Smith made Corver’s night miserable

Only person that exceeded expectation was Dennis Schroder.  His 5 for 10 from three point land will not continue.  First, it is way higher than his career average.  Second, the Cavs are now aware of this.  Let Jeff Teague score at will.  Restrain the other Hawks to win and cover here.

LeBron’s Jumper

This series should be used to address and correct this problem.  Mid range jumpers are what teams are daring him to make.  LeBron is fortunate that he gets a lot of the whistles going to the rim.  Without that, a decline in scoring could be seen from him in the playoffs.  Time to show the field that he can hit this shot.  What better chance than tonight to demonstrate if he still his this skill set.

Monitor those live lines and wait for the price.  Right now the Cavs are at -7.  This will still be covered but we advise to wait for – 6 1/2.  If it does not come in the next few hours then ice the Cavs minus the points for your playoff plunder of the day.  Good fortune in this and we will see you later on here at APEX Basketball Betting.

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