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Knicks With Melo Never Win a Championship

Knicks with Melo

Quite a quote came out about the Knicks With Melo Never Win a Championship has hit social media like a firestorm.  Great to see everyone back again here at APEX Basketball.  Today, we examine two more factors about the big market team that continually comes up short.  New York has added several cogs but the one that needs to fit in well is Brandon Jennings.  So let us look at with Jim Boeheim will be right about Carmelo Anthony never winning an NBA Championship.

Knicks With Melo : Never?

First off is that effect on the legacy that the Boeheim statement has.  It relegates Anthony to the status of wingman or a glorified Pippen.  Someone who can excel in the company of others but never gets there by himself.  Denver only had one conference final in them and the Knicks have been a perpetual mess with him.  He has three gold medals but this is akin to winning mvp on the all star softball team against convents and bowlers.  Does not amount to a hill of beans.  SO how will he handle the new influx of talent?

Thrifty Contract

Where the real corner could be rounded with New York is with the contract with Brandon Jennings!  One year for five million is quite frugal for this franchise.  His achilles tendon injury caused his stats to come crashing to Earth. However, he has his youth at 26 and not an extensive affair with injuries like Derrick Rose has.  Upside with little risk for the Knicks.  Makes sense for Brandon as well because if he can prove he can get back up the mountain then much more money is coming his way.  Finally without the burden of guaranteed contracts, the Knicks might be hungry this year.

Melo is not going to usurp Cleveland in the east.  However, the playoffs and a series win is not out of the question.  Rose said for certain that this is Melo’s team and that is sad.  Too many sidekicks to no superstar on this team.  Better things for the Knicks but Anthony will way them down once again if they get to a place where it matters.  Good fortune today and we will see you next time here at APEX Basketball Betting.




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