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Key Line in Huge Houston at Dallas

key lines

Perception verses reality wage war in the key line of the night in the NBA.  APEX Basketball Betting has examined the ramifications on and off the court for the Houston Rockets visiting the Dallas Mavericks.  This April 6th tussle has all the elements of action and adrenaline we love to watch and wager on.  So let us see where the path to the profit land will take us with the Houston Rockets being a -2 point favorite in this 9:30 PM start.

Key Line – What Were They Thinking?

Before we look at the circumstances with setting the bar, we should actually examine the bar itself.  APEX Basketball has their easy to follow instructional article on how to interpret the price of the lines for this game.  As of press time, the Houston Rockets are -2 -110.  This means that if you wager the Rockets to win, one would have to spot the Mavericks these two points in tallying the final score.  A Houston win 104-95 would get you the cash but if the Rockets win by a single point then your wager would be graded as a loss.  Easy to follow once you get used to it.  Tonight is the ideal opportunity to get into the thick of things because the bar appears to be inaccurate for this one.

Not Enough Houston Credit

Problem with the Rockets are the collective memory of people being burned by them in the past.  This is a team of tremendous talent pitted in turmoil.  Both their leaders in Hardin and Howard have sought to get the other traded.  The styles they play at are conflicting.  All that being said, when the chips are down they can overcome this perception.  Tonight we have a game where Houston’s playoff qualification is at stake.  Let us look at the lay of the land in the West.

  • 7th Dallas 39-38
  • 8th Utah 39-39
  • 9th Houston 38-39

Now let us see the pivotal points on why the Rockets are the ideal sports investment for the 6th.

Toast to Your Health

Dallas has hit the wall and does not know it yet.  Chandler Parsons and Deron Williams have been out with injuries.  Instead of falling off the cliff, the remainder of the Mavericks decided to buckle down and double their defensive effort.  Four straight wins have come of it but this old team is tired.  Dirk misfired often against Minnesota last time out.  JJ Barea was the savior with over twenty point and six assists.  This can do attitude is great but fails when the flesh goes weak and Dallas is a tired team.

Houston loves to run.  They have shown the ability to beat Dallas in their crib by winning three of the last four there.  The death nail for this one is that JJ Barea will have to chase Hardin all night long.  Houston is in that spurt where they are playing with interest.  Better team controls the tempo and the Rockets will run Dallas out of their own building.  Spot the -2 on Houston in the APEX Basketball Betting Free Pick of the day and reap the profit to your account.  Good fortune and we will see you next time at the APEX.


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