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Kevin Love Out For Game Three of NBA Finals

Kevin Love out

Kevin Love is out for Game Three of the NBA Finals did not bring panic to the spread between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavs.  Instead, LeBron and company became a slight favorite at -1 1/2 after this game was a pickem for over a day.  Good Afternoon APEX Basketball Betting Fans.  Today, we have a curious case of addition by subtraction.  Find out why the market moved and what it means for you for the 9PM tip off on June 8th.

Kevin Love Out

The concussion protocol is still in place after Kevin Love got hit in Game Two.  After the contact, he continued to play for some time before being pulled.  Odd that he was not yanked from the start but now we have to just address the issue at hand.  This is wagering on the spread and moneylines for tonights games.  If this terminology seems confusing or foreign to you, High Street Betting has clear cut definitions of both these types of sports bet types on their homepage.  What we have to decide is if the wagering public is correct in their stance that Love’s absence means little in the game tonight.

Defensive Improvements

While he can get the boards and points, his defensive liability in this series is partly his fault.  His lateral footspeed can not cope with Green and Barnes.  The inexperienced head coach of the Cavs can not come up with the solutions for the switches necessary for their man to man defense to work.  Look at the Warriors.  Bogut would be in the same shoes if the Warriors did not adopt a part zone defense while he is in the lineup.  He does not have to chase people and it highlights his blocking skill for the 20 minutes he is in the lineup.

Point production is not so much the concern for Cleveland as their defensive awkwardness.  Dave Blatt had less players in the Finals last year and drove it to six games.  Here we had a Cavs team that quit in Game Two.  Last stance on the Cavs tonight and America is backing them.  Take a stance and wager the courage of your convictions at Americas Bookie today.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Basketball Betting.


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