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Kevin Durant Signs with Golden State

Golden State Favorites

No longer winded titles can aptly describe Kevin Durant’s impact on the rest of the league.  With his signing at Golden State, the rest of the NBA is in catch up mode.  Even the Warriors themselves have quite a bit of work left to do.  They have to shed salary, create chemistry, and add a few names on the cheap to complete their project.  So stay tuned to APEX Basketball Betting to see where the league stands at this juncture during NBA Free Agency.

Kevin Duran Signs

Two years for mega money.  Interesting that he holds the option for the 2nd year so he can pull the plug if this does not work.  Now they have four stars on a team that won 73 games.  SO who did they lose to get to this point?

  • Cut Festus Ezeli loose
  • Traded Andrew Bogut to Dallas to slash payroll
  • Did not match Mavericks offer to restricted free agent Harrison Barnes

Now they added David West.  He went to the Spurs last year to chase a ring and now comes here on the cheap to complete the transactions for now.  So where does this leave them?

NBA Futures

While we examine this, we note that has published a piece on how to profit on the Durant signing with NBA futures.  Now we look at a 73 win team from last year.  Little chance they beat that record because their roles on the team will nowhere be near etched in stone by the time tipoff happens.  Which star will reduce their influence for the good of the team?  How is Steph Curry going to handle being the fourth highest paid player on his team despite being the two time MVP of the league? Real world ramifications for this high profile deal.

Now rumors are coming out that Westbrook to the Knicks might be possible.  OKC needs to decide to do something right away.  Either sign Russell long term or ship him for something.  Still a lot left that can happen.  SO we will put off calling the engraver to etch the Warriors on next year’s trophy.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Basketball Betting.


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