How to Bet on NBA Futures

Before getting into NBA futures, you have to know that we live in a world where many of us chase instant gratification.

We want to win now, not potentially win money months down the road, but you have to get out of that mind set.

NBA betting is tough. The lines are sharp and winning consistently is easier said than done.

You should be looking at every betting market to maintain a positive ROI. The NBA handicappers at Gameadvisers advocate that you should avoid futures is if your bankroll is too small.

As long as you are well-funded, you should set aside a portion of your bankroll for NBA futures.

What Are NBA Futures?

At the conclusion of the NBA Championship every season, bookies begin to formulate futures odds for the upcoming season. You can bet on them year-round and there are big price swings.

They are season-long wagers. Here are some examples:

NBA Championship Futures (Bet on team to win the NBA title)

NBA Conference/Division Futures (Bet on a team to win respective conference/division)

The NBA Win Totals (Bet on the over/under on how many regular season wins a team will have)

And NBA Awards (Bet on the player to win awards like the MVP or ROY)

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Tips for Betting on NBA Futures

Some NBA futures are easier to win than others. Trying to predict the NBA Championship winner during the off-season isn’t an easy task and that’s when you get most of the value. You can bet on these futures during the season as well, but the odds will shorten on the top contenders.

Try to narrow your focus. There’s often some value in the NBA division markets. Betting on the Bucks these days to win the Central isn’t going to pay much, but there are several wide-open divisions where division futures are paying plus money on all teams. 

If you only follow certain NBA teams, I recommend focusing on win totals. You can bet on whether or not a team will go over/under the posted win total by the bookie. For example, the Raptors may have a win total of O/U 50.5 games prior to the start of the season. 

Expert Futures Predictions

There are some NBA handicappers that spend all year focusing on NBA futures.

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Sports bettors need all of the help we can get to beat the bookies. Come visit GA to find out how the pros are betting on the NBA and start turning your losses into profits.

NBA betting never stops and there are always money-making opportunities.

While it may lock up your initial investment for months, as long as you’re not missing out on other betting opportunities, it’s irrelevant. If you can beat futures, why not do it?