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Hack A Shaq Strategy Stifled

NBA Rule Change

Amidst the tidal wave of free agent movement, a pivotal rule change might have gone underneath your radar.  Good afternoon and thank you for checking in with APEX Basketball Betting.  While the landscape of franchise power is going through a state of flux, on the court action is about to change.  In particular is a focus on big men who can not hit their free throws.  What did Adam Silver announce that protects them and speeds up play for the 2016 regular season?

Hack A Shaq : More Costly

Shaq is the most famous modern example of a player that teams would go out of their way to foul.  Coaches like Don Nelson theorized that by fouling the absolute worst free throw shooters in the league that this would decrease the points per possession of the opponent.  With an increased onus on the three point shot, this has become especially true.  What frustrates fans is that the game while improved in the realm of strategy becomes a herky jerky mess to behold.  That is why the league office has decided to step in and afford more protection to pace of play problems like this.

All Quarters

Last two minutes of the game would have these off the ball intentional fouls resulting in one free throw plus retention of the ball.  This eliminated some of the concern at the end of games but still plagues other key moments.  Now the final two minutes of any quarter falls under this purview.  So the big men that brick more often than not can not be fouled without an extreme cost in eight minutes of the game.  This will definitely make for a better product on court.

Do your homework and  reap the benefits at Bet33 and other quality sports books.  Keeping abreast of rule changes like this keep the mental muscles strong and gives you a leg up on the oddsmakers early in the season.  Good fortune in your sports investments this week and we will see you next time here at APEX Basketball Betting.

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