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Future NBA Playoff Teams : Orlando Magic

Bet33 NBA Future Playoff Teams

With a bevy of trades and talent, one of the Future NBA Playoff teams should be the Orlando Magic.  Welcome back friends to APEX Basketball Betting.  With Rio right around the corner, we can get one final peek at the mortals of the NBA before covering Team USA.  The franchise that has pinged on our radar is the Orlando Magic.  Let us examine the latest rumor that has them not being in a hurry to ship their young big man.

Future NBA Playoff Teams

One of the teams that is blessed with big men is Orlando.  In a rough and tumble east, the Magic are taking a page out of the Cavs book by employing some down low bangers.  They acquired Serge Ibaka and signed Bismack Biyombo in the offseason.  Now one would have figured that this would have resulted in them shipping Nikola Vucevic pretty quickly.  Well there are some compelling reasons for them not to do so.

  • Quite affordable at $37 M for his last three years
  • His passing ability gives him a refined offensive presence their two other new front court mates do not have.

How to Cope?

Aaron Gordon is being placed at the #3 spot now.  He is a natural power forward and this might be clunky on a nightly basis.  Coaching staff recently sent out feelers to Vucevic to see how responsive he would be about coming off the bench.  However, this is a lot to ask for a person for an 18 point and nearly nine rebound player.  Ah the blessings of having this kind of talent to ride the bench.

Odd how the Warriors losing the title helped him stay in Orlando.  Had small ball repeated then the whole league would have tried to emulate the Warriors.  Now the Cleveland model with physical play is all the rage.  One ring by the King in Cleveland and now the rest of the posers fall in line.  Look for the Magic to make you plenty of profit at Bet33 and other sportsbooks early next season.

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