Free agent losses affecting two franchises

March to the regular season is starting with teams losing key cogs in the center of our attention.  Great to see one and all back here at APEX Basketball Betting.  Miami has lost Wade and are now playing a game of PR chicken with another one of their long time pillars of past championships. In the midwest, Durant’s defection could mean a new pinnacle for their other superstar.  All of this right now here at APEX Basketball.

Heat Being Applied By Bosch to Miami

After the absence of loyalty and letting Wade go elsewhere, Chris Bosch is now having his own hurdles to overcome in Miami.  He has been becoming more and more frustrated with his return to the court.  Blood clots are a tricky medical condition.  He thinks he can take medication and still play.  Miami might not want him back on the court.  They are on the hook for his salary no matter what but if they keep him off the court and retire him then the hits to the salary cap can be spread out.  Another PR nightmare could be around the corner for the Heat in 2016.

Projected Triple Crown

Points, steals, and assists would be worthy of a triple crown for a guard to aspire to gain.  One player in the league not only has the potential but the team make up to allow for this possibility to come to fruition.  Russell Westbrook can both dominate a game, have it flow through him, and make the players around him better.  It was horrid that the Thunder got nothing for Durant but the better player to build around stayed home.  Look for at least top ten in all those stats from Westbrook should his body survive all those minutes.

These are just some of the storylines that will alter next season’s landscape.  APEX Basketball Betting will continue to measure the pulse of the league.  Frequently check in with us for the latest wrinkles that can be ironed out for your sports wagering in basketball.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Basketball.