Five Tips to Start Betting on the NBA

With the NBA playoffs in full swing, novice and veteran bettors alike are clamoring to the queue to get their wagers in. We’re happy to tell you that regardless of the wagers you’re looking to lock in, you can’t go wrong with some NBA wagering action. Here are some basic NBA betting tips.


However, the NBA is a challenging sport, and if you’re looking to really cash in, you’re going to have to have your wits about you and a world’s worth of commitment. The NBA is, without a doubt, the most formidable sport in the world to wager on, but today, we’ve got five tips to help you keep your wits and keep your bankroll intact.

Follow these five NBA betting tips, and you’ll be cashing NBA wagers in no time at all.

Study Lines

NBA betting lines tell the whole story sometimes. When lines move in a certain direction, that tells you something. If a public side (typically a popular favorite) is more popular, but the money is moving (or steaming) the line in the opposite direction, towards the “sharp” side, that’s a clue that smart money may be taking the underdog. But it could also be a head fake trying to get a better line on the favorite!

See where it gets confusing?

Study lines, and you’ll stay alive!

In the Bubble, Traditional Thinking Goes Out of the Window

In the bubble, it’s an ultra-unique, March Madness-like situation. Players aren’t fatigued by travel, and they are playing without crowds and sans any home-court advantage. 

As a result, historically volatile performances are happening, so you need to toss out logic sometimes and ride with what your gut tells you, no matter the NBA betting tips. This is more relevant than ever, especially now.

Stop Betting Parlays

Forget the NBA, this is a tip for all sports, but it’s especially relevant to the NBA. Players love gambling on parlays for the NBA, but it’s a habit you need to kick. 

Parlays are a sucker bet, and money spent on multiple parlay legs could be split into singular, winning straight wagers. 

NBA bettors that win are often selective and pick their spots, and if you haven’t started yet, you need to be much more strategic and selective with your wagers.

There is a lot to know when it comes to handicapping games, so it’s good to know that buying sports picks is a winning strategy.

Don’t Overstudy Pure Basketball Angles

Sports betting and being a smart basketball connoisseur are two different things. If you love basketball, that’s great, but some of the world’s best handicappers couldn’t name more than a handful of NBA talent. 

If you’re looking to be a better basketball bettor, study trends, matchups, lines, and try to consider the psychological factors of a given context.

Otherwise, you’ll almost never pick out justifications for underdogs to pull off upsets. Become a great NBA bettor, not a great NBA analyst, although you can always do both at the same time.

Don’t Overestimate the Impact of DNPs or Injuries

An injury or DNP in the NBA doesn’t mean anything. Too often, backups come in and become stars, and the same happens to those talented bench players given a chance due to a Drew Bledsoe-esque injury. When players get hurt, those teams just become bettor bets, not the other way around.

This, of course, changes when a world-beater talent like LeBron James decides to leave on his own accord, but for the most part, don’t overestimate injuries.