College basketball North Carolina losses tourney

Few money making events in all of sports are like College Basketball when they have their March Madness tournament.  Good evening and welcome back to APEX Basketball Betting.  Today we look at the total was that the state of North Carolina has become.  Wanting to enforce their own bathroom policy in reference to the LBGT

Free agent losses affecting two franchises

March to the regular season is starting with teams losing key cogs in the center of our attention.  Great to see one and all back here at APEX Basketball Betting.  Miami has lost Wade and are now playing a game of PR chicken with another one of their long time pillars of past championships. In

Hookers holding Louisville back from being ranked

Some headlines beg to be investigated.  One never knows where value can come up from nowhere.  Well on the APEX Basketball we will plunge to any depth to get that betting edge.  This weekend, Rick Pitino asserted that his Louisville team is not ranked because of blowback from hookers.  Bad pun but you get the

Minnesota developing clutch skills

We may be watching the development of Minnesota ahead of schedule.  Armed with some high draft picks, they pick up some veteran players to help the kids grow.  Wiggins and Towns have been throwing down some defense and plenty of scoring.  Let APEX Basketball Betting delve deeper to see how long can the Wolves overachieve

NBA news sixers in selling mood

Too much of a good thing is what is being talked about in NBA News in reference to the Philadelphia 76er’s.  Wonderful to see one and all back here at APEX Basketball Betting.  Seemingly having high draft picks each season, the Sixers decided to take the perceived best available talent instead of drafting for need.