Betting NBA Moneylines

When we talk about betting NBA moneylines, moneyline wagers on sporting events pay off if a team or individual wins the game, match or tournament. Unlike a point spread bet, the result is straight up with no adjustment made to the final result. Instead, the sportsbook accounts for the favorite or underdog status through odds

2020-21 NBA Win Totals: Teams to Bet On

It’s time to talk 2020-21 NBA win totals. This past weekend, the NBA released its 2020-21 preseason schedule. This brings fans one step closer to starting to get bets in on their favorite teams at top basketball sportsbooks. With the over/under projections now officially released, read on for a better idea of which teams to

2021 NBA Handicapping for Bettors

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Miami Heat in six games to win the 2020 NBA Finals. It was undoubtedly the craziest season in memory, with the last three months played in an Orlando bubble. However, now it’s time for 2021 NBA handicapping. Despite the unusual resumption of the season after the COVID-19-induced pause, the

Things to Watch in the 2020-21 NBA Season

It’s never too soon to look at the next season, and now it’s time to look at the 2020-21 NBA season. Following the 2018-19 NBA season, several high-profile free agents hit the market, including Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, Kevin Durant and Kemba Walker. In addition, the Los Angeles Lakers dealt for

Five Tips to Start Betting on the NBA

With the NBA playoffs in full swing, novice and veteran bettors alike are clamoring to the queue to get their wagers in. We’re happy to tell you that regardless of the wagers you’re looking to lock in, you can’t go wrong with some NBA wagering action. Here are some basic NBA betting tips. TAKE ADVANTAGE

Betting NBA Player Props Is Fun

If you’ve seen the movie Uncut Gems, you know one thing about Howard Ratner, played by Adam Sandler. He loved NBA prop bets, and no wonder, betting NBA player props is fun. He literally made his big wager on Kevin Garnett’s points, rebounds, and winning the jump ball. Prop betting gives you far more than

How to Bet on NBA Futures

Before getting into NBA futures, you have to know that we live in a world where many of us chase instant gratification. We want to win now, not potentially win money months down the road, but you have to get out of that mind set. NBA betting is tough. The lines are sharp and winning

Guide to Betting on NBA Teasers

Have you heard of “teasers” when discussing sports betting? Teaser bet is extremely popular in the NFL, but they haven’t gained as much popularity with NBA bettors throughout the years. Understanding NBA Teaser Bet In the NBA, a teaser allows you to adjust the point spread or game total in your favor. However, you need

Betting the NBA Finals

At some point, the 2019-20 NBA season will resume and bettors will anxiously await the NBA Finals in hopes of making some big paydays. Who will it be this year? Can Toronto make it back to the finals? Oddsmakers don’t think so, but one thing is certain. There are a number of factors to consider

Can You Bet on the NBA Draft?

While the majority of free NBA picks cover single games during the NBA season, one of the more popular betting markets is the NBA Draft, which will feature a wide range of futures/props. Every year, players can bet on the NBA Draft and the market is growing in popularity. NBA Draft bets exploded in 2019, as the