Betting Mid-Major College Basketball Teams

Learn the nuances of betting mid-major college basketball teams.

Key Points

– Smart bettors will pick mid-major college basketball teams to follow.

– Choosing college basketball teams to bet on comes down to a few factors.

Betting Mid-Major College Basketball Teams

Most college basketball bettors are aware that betting mid-major college basketball teams offers good value. However, the majority of bettors most likely don’t spend enough time betting on these teams. The betting public prefers popular teams and those that are ranked among the best in the country.

A number of mid-major conferences receive very little national coverage year after year. It’s not possible for the average bettor to stay up to date with everything that is happening in every mid-major conference. There are too many conferences with too many teams. 

Trying to place too many bets on too many games is a sure recipe for disaster for any bettor. However, bettors that can find a conference or two to specialize in will often come across several solid plays each season. The trick is to make mid-majors manageable. 

Here are four tips to follow if you are interested in betting mid-major college basketball teams … and winning.


Pick Your Preferred Style of Play

Basketball bettors need to identify conferences that are worth putting in the time to handicap. Some conferences are just not worth it. It may simply be the style of play within a conference. It’s a great place to start when trying to figure out which mid-major conference to follow.

In college basketball, there are many different styles of play, and depending on your preferences, you might like some of them more than others. While some conferences play a slower defensive style of basketball, others play a wide-open aggressive style of offense.

It makes sense that a conference that features what you enjoy will make you more enthusiastic and engaged. If you like fast-breaking teams that like to press on defense and play at a frenetic pace, pick a conference that plays like that. 

You’re more likely to put effort into your handicapping and be more successful as a result if you’re more invested in the game. You will have to take some time to research the different mid-major conferences and their college basketball teams. Then, you will learn more about their head coach, player quality, level of play, and more. 

When developing your basketball betting strategies, this is important. All this information can be taken into account as you choose which mid-major college basketball teams to back.

Betting College Basketball Teams 

Another important consideration is what matters to you when betting on basketball. Every college basketball bettor is different. Figure out what is important to you as a bettor.

You might be the guy that only bets on moneyline underdogs. Maybe it’s more about public action or betting NCAA basketball totals. You like to fade the public in games featuring ranked teams against unranked opponents. It might be that you simply prefer games that draw little attention or you just like Atlantic-10 basketball.

Whatever it is, focus on smaller, less well-known mid-major conferences. The lines on these games do not get the same amount of attention as games in the ACC, SEC, or Big Ten. Bettors can find some distinct advantages when betting on mid-major college basketball teams. 

There are some other minor factors that go into your choice as well. Do you want to be able to watch games on TV?  Does your sportsbook consistently set lines for your conference (or conferences) of choice? There are more things to think about, but you get the idea.

Timing of Bets

The average bettor probably doesn’t give this much thought. However, when you like to place bets can have a big impact on the mid-major college basketball teams you want to wager on. 

Take a look at the weekly schedule too. Teams typically play conference games twice a week. It could be Monday and Thursday or Wednesday and Saturday. You may have to choose a mid-major conference that plays on certain days due to your schedule. 

Some bettors that live on the East Coast might not want to invest in betting college basketball teams from the West Coast Conference. Night games don’t start until at least 10:00 p.m. on the West Coast. 

Take geography, days of the week, and even time of day into account when determining which mid-major conferences you want to focus on.

Pick Your Spots on College Basketball Teams

No matter the sport, sports bettors have to exercise some patience. They have to pick their spots wisely and never bet just for the sake of betting. 

When determining which mid-major college basketball teams to follow, bettors cannot jump on a team blindly. Be patient and find the spots that offer some real value. If you don’t find any, then you don’t place a bet. 

Too many sports bettors want to place a bet just to place a bet. That is another recipe for disaster, especially when you win a few of those types of bets. When you “wing it,” place a bet and then win, you think you can keep doing it. The problem is that you can’t. 

If you don’t already wager on mid-major conferences, take your time and do some research. Take into account all of the things we have mentioned here and make a good decision on college basketball teams to follow. You will be glad you did.