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Bet33 NBA Doubleheader of Playoff Profit 5/11

NBA Playoff Doubleheader 5/11

Two big basketball angles to exploit for profit are in the Bet33 NBA Free Pick doubleheader.  Tonight we have the wrath of Canada ready to pour out onto Dwayne Wade.  Also, we see the two time NBA MVP back in form and looking to close out those pesky Blazers.  On court starts at 8PM tonight but now is the time to translate your superior sports wisdom into cold hard cash at Bet33.

Bet33 NBA Free Pick Doubleheader : Up the Hill

Many presumed that Dwayne Wade was over the hill at his age 34.  Limited mobility did not interfere with his heart down in Miami as he poured in 68 points on over 50 percent shooting from the field in those two games.  Bad thing is that all the Heat could do is procure a split to bring it back to Game Five all tied up.  Now he must go up the hill to face the country he kicked in warmups.  Much of Maple Leaf nation was up in arms as Wade continued his pregame warmup while their national anthem played in the background.  Look for a rabid crowd to pounce on him at every opportunity.  Whiteside being out hurts them immensely as this just turns into a shootout.  If either one of the Toronto guards come to play then it is lights out for Miami tonight.  The numbers game coupled with the war of attrition back the Raptors tonight.  Spot the – 4 1/2 on the Raptors for the first portion of your basketball profit this evening.

Golden State Returns

Portland proved to be game but finally faltered in overtime.  In doing so, all chances of winning this series went with that overtime loss.  Curry found his stroke again scoring 17 in overtime.  Now down 3-1, they must win three in a row against a team that lost nine games in 82 this regular season.  Real temptation for the Blazers to just enjoy the atmosphere and not get hurt for next year.  This is high anticipation of a Warriors win.  You know its coming and want to profit in on the festivities.  Why not do so at a sportsbook like Bet33 that gets you your winnings!  Utilize them to get this free pick to profit on right now.  Golden State has to spot -13 in this one.  A tall order for most teams but not this one.  They traditionally bury teams by 20 or more.  With Curry winning the MVP agian, the mood in the building will be one of celebration.  Warriors will not let their team down against one that sees the writing that is on the wall. Second part of the NBA Free Pick doubleheader is -13 with Golden State.  This one starts on May 11th with tipoff at 10:30 PM EST.

Enjoy these defining moments of the second round of the NBA playoffs.  Toronto will make their next step forward into meeting the Cavs.  Meanwhile, the Warriors will be able to rest after tonight to witness the rest of the war between the Thunder and Spurs.  Good fortune this evening and we will see you next time here at APEX Basketball Betting.


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