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Bet on Toronto-Cleveland for Game Five Profit

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Excitement is in the air for the profit potential on betting Toronto-Cleveland tonight.  Basketball fans and sports investors are treated to not only tonight but a Game Six since the Raptors rallied to make a series of this.  Optimism is everywhere except in the office of the oddsmakers.  They have given the designation of double digit underdog to Toronto for this one.  Can Cleveland regain the momentum to justify the stance from the men who make the numbers?

Bet On Toronto-Cleveland +11

Hard to believe a change in venue can cripple the momentum that Toronto has.  If one is new to this and considering placing a bet on the game, our friends at have prepared instructions on how to bet on basketball right away.  The one factor that the comforts of home brings is familiarity of one’s surroundings.  Cavs struggled for the most part North of the Border with their three point shooting.  Home court usually elevates this upwards.  So the days of the Cavs being below 100 might be at the end but does it get as easy as the oddsmakers make it appear?

Bismack Biyombo

Normal center for Toronto could score a lot but lacked the starch to make the interior a difficult place to roam.  Bismack does not have a problem with lane defense.  In fact, his quickness, reach, and energy allows him to cover almost any Cav effectively.  This is the real reason for hope on the Raptors.  The blowouts in the first two games were allowed because the Raptors put up token resistance on the defensive side of things.  Now they have the mettle to make things messy for Cleveland at home.

Very little reason in this particular circumstance for us to believe that the switch can be flipped to such an extent to allow a double digit blowout.  In fact, APEX Basketball betting advises to double down and 2x on the Raptors +11.  Enjoy the game this evening and we will see you next time here at APEX Basketball.


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