Bet on NBA – Understanding Basketball Betting Lines

The 2018 NBA Playoffs are almost over and they have been outstanding. If you have missed the action this year there is still plenty of time to get in. Do yourself a favor and find a fantastic online bookmaker that caters to American players and one that comes with a great reputation for fast payouts and the best NBA lines and odds. The competition is fierce and every bookie is fighting for your deposit. Find a sportsbook that offers a great bonus but one and has a stellar reputation for customer service.

NBA Basketball – Built for Betting on Live Lines

If you are an avid NBA bettor, you probably know how basketball betting works, you probably know the ins and outs of the game like clockwork but if you are the type of NBA bettor that comes in for events such as the playoffs or the finals, maybe you need some pointers or a refresher. Even the most seasoned NBA gambler doesn’t know it all and it’s always good to review some basic tips for winning on the NBA.

When choosing a sportsbook for the NBA, the first thing you should look for is wagering options. What do they offer? All bookies offer the basics, but do they offer great proposition wagers and futures, if so, are they competitive? A half a point here and a half a point there can add up over the course of a season and it can be crucial in many games. The odds makers are very good at what they do and if you follow the lines on a nightly basis, you will learn just how good they really are. This trend is especially true when it comes to totals. The lines movers are extremely dialed in and they nearly hit the numbers spot on night after night.

Against the spread:

This is by far and away the most common type of bet in the NBA and Vegas set the standard years ago with a set line of -110. The offshore Sportsbook have followed suit. There are however some variations and from time to time the numbers will venture off the beaten path and you might see -115 or -111 but if the spread stays true, the line will move very little. In basketball, spread movement is much more common than line movement.

Example betting the spread:

Cavaliers vs. Celtics

Celtics -1.5 -110 Cavaliers +1.5 -110, Over/Under (Total) 201 Over -110 Under -110

In this example the Boston Celtics are the favorite and the Cleveland Cavaliers are the Underdog. As you can see the point spread is not a big one at -/+ 1.5. What this spread means is that in order to win you must cover 1.5 points on the Celtics, which means if you bet on the Celtics, the must win by 2 or more points, if they win by one point, you have lost the bet. If you bet on the Cavaliers, they can lose by 1 point and you have still won the bet. If they lose by 2 or more points, you have lost the bet.

Betting NBA Basketball Live Lines and another Prop or Two

The bookies charge juice or a commission, this is how they make their money. Instead of even odds on the NBA, they place it at a minus number and that standard number industry wide, is -110. Meaning that you must play $1.10 in order to win $1.00 or for every $110 that you play, you will win $100.

The Totals are exactly the same but in this bet you are wagering that the game either goes over the set combined total or under the total. Be sure to follow us here for more wagering tips and enjoy the remainder of the NBA Playoffs.