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Barkley Debunks USA Olympic Basketball Team


Maybe the Round Mound of Rebound is onto something as Barkley Debunks USA Olympic Basketball Team composition.  Great to see one and all here at APEX Basketball Betting.  The recent struggles and close games against the likes of Serbia and Australia had many scratching their heads.  While we did not expect the blowouts like the ones verses China, these subpar finishes might cost them the gold in RIO 2016.  Let us see what Barkley says the problem is and if we concur with his line of reasoning here at APEX Basketball.

Barkley Debunks Makeup of Team

This team does not share well is the sentiment that Sir Charles has ushered about this team.  Except for DeAndre Jordan, no one else has shown the flexibility to not be the main man.  Insistence that the offense be run through them.  DeRozan, Durant, and Irving he pointed out specifically by name in his assertion.  This has not only caused productivity problems but frontcourt defensive situations that let the opposition score at will.

Coach K is at Blame

He has taken this situation and made it worse with his final minute rotations.  No Jordan on the floor.  Cousins is on another level with his physical game and rebounding.  Coach K does not opt to call him much in crunch time.  Jimmie Butler has enough size and speed to cover either guard but is not on the floor when it counts.  Melo, Durant, and Irving all go one on one to the detriment of this team.

Linesmakers at Americas Bookie and other offshore outs do not know what to do with this team.  USA basketball has the potential to blow the doors off of any team.  Chemistry, effort, and the rotation stagnate their progress into nip and tuck affairs.  Profit still abounds so bet Olympic Basketball and enjoy the ride to a potential gold medal here at APEX Basketball Betting.


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