Betting NBA Player Props Is Fun

If you’ve seen the movie Uncut Gems, you know one thing about Howard Ratner, played by Adam Sandler. He loved NBA prop bets, and no wonder, betting NBA player props is fun. He literally made his big wager on Kevin Garnett’s points, rebounds, and winning the jump ball. Prop betting gives you far more than

Can You Bet on the NBA Draft?

While the majority of free NBA picks cover single games during the NBA season, one of the more popular betting markets is the NBA Draft, which will feature a wide range of futures/props. Every year, players can bet on the NBA Draft and the market is growing in popularity. NBA Draft bets exploded in 2019, as the

Gambling On The NBA Will Be Back Soon

Even if the NBA decides to return to action soon, there is no guarantee that games and gambling would start immediately. At least that is the latest from several NBA general managers who would be in favor of some sort of mini-camp to get players back into shape after a long layoff. Regardless of when

Guide to Betting on the 2019 NBA Playoffs

The 2018-19 NBA regular season is coming to an end in the next week. The regular season concludes on April 10th 2019 and the NBA playoffs get underway on April 13th 2019. A lot of NBA fans say the basketball season doesn’t even start until we’re in the playoffs, as that’s when the games count

Basketball Betting – Finding Value in NBA Moneylines

The NBA is the type of league were a few teams dominate and the rest follow when it comes to deep runs in the playoffs towards winning a championship. Golden State has set the Gold Standard in recent seasons with three world titles in four seasons, while the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers with

WNBA – The Answer to NBA Betting Withdrawal

NBA fans the world over are going through major betting withdrawal symptoms as we speak, but ther is hope, there is a fix to this problem; the WNBA. Ok, we get it, the WNBA may not be the NBA and it may not feature the high flying dunks and the showmanship of a LeBron James

Betting on Basketball a Cash Cow if Bet Correctly

The game of basketball is fast, it’s in your face and it’s fun to bet on. Basketball is also a huge moneymaker if you have a plan and know how to bet the sport. There are more than a few ways to bet the game of basketball including the NBA as well as NCAA. Bet

Bet on NBA – Understanding Basketball Betting Lines

The 2018 NBA Playoffs are almost over and they have been outstanding. If you have missed the action this year there is still plenty of time to get in. Do yourself a favor and find a fantastic online bookmaker that caters to American players and one that comes with a great reputation for fast payouts

NBA – Built for Betting on Live Lines

In case you haven’t noticed, betting the NBA can be a challenge. It certainly is a lot of fun and the game is never boring with a buck or two riding on the outcome. Predicting the NBA with accuracy is a most difficult challenge and the handicappers that do hit 55% or more, those guys

NBA Playoffs Series Price Props- No. 3 Seeds

The opening round of the NBA playoffs is starting to heat up and most of the eight series have two games under their belts. As of Tuesday night’s results, the top two seeds in the East are up 2-0 in their best-of- seven tilts after Toronto and Boston each rolled to double digit victories in