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Andrew Bogut Out for Remainder of the NBA Finals

Bogut hurt

News came in about the second tier of talent for the NBA Finals.  An injury that has more significance than assumed is making the rounds right now.  Andrew Bogut is out for the remainder of the NBA playoffs.  It is only two games but a sprained knee does not have that quick of a recovery time.  Good afternoon APEX Basketball Betting fans.  Today we look at the ramifications of his absence and how it will affect the wagering for Thursday game as Golden State tries again to close this out.

Andrew Bogut Knows His Role

An argument can be made that Andrew Bogut is more valuable than Kevin Love despite Love’s numbers being better.  Until the last game, Kevin was looked at as an offensive outlet for the Cavs.  This approach slowed them down and prevented the team from fulfilling their roles optimally.  Cleveland does their best when Kyrie and LeBron pour in the points.  Let everyone else do the dirty work.  Andrew Bogut’s role is more defined on the Warriors.  Interior defense in a zone with boards.  If he got beyond six points then it is a bonus.  By having more clearly defined positions, Andrew Bogut will be missed more by the Warriors than Love was with the Cavs.

Game Six : Draymond is Back

Game six has two interesting dynamics that collide.  Cleveland gets the home court which should propel their three point shooting.  This is good as long as the supporting cast do not go crazy and deter James and Irving possessions.  Rivaling this upswing for the Warriors is the return of Draymond.  His loss was more serious than Boguts is for the rest of the series.  Leadership skills along, he provides the grit to what would be an other wise soft team.

Oddsmakers sided with Cleveland at the start with a -1 for Game Six.  The market judged this as inadequate and pushed it to -2 1/2 at Bet33 and other quality sportsbooks.  APEX Basketball Betting deems that the Cavs will live for another day.  Invest on the Cleveland ML for your profit on Thursday’s Game Six.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Basketball.


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