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2016 NBA Season : Slow Starting Teams

Coming into the 2016 NBA Season, we can already make some impressions about two teams that have a high probability of stumbling out of the gate.  Great to see one and all back here at APEX Basketball Betting.  Offseason news can be valuable if it has long last ramifications over the course of a season.  Both the Lakers and Kings are making waves that would indicate a slow start.  One is for a concrete reason while the other is still mired in dysfunction.  Let us see how this will give you the upper hand right now at APEX Basketball.

2016 NBA Season : Luol Deng Long Term

Second premium pick of the draft at, Brandon Ingram, is going to be a budding star.  Best thing for him was when the team fired Bryon Scott as coach and brought Luke Walton aboard.  Byron was first and foremost about the preservation of his job.  Walton is taking a more long term approach.  He says that the first year is going to be a learning curve and that they will not overplay the big man.  19 years old is nowhere near ready enough to last the 82 game schedule.  That is why the Deng signing is worth its weight in gold.  Development toward a future star takes first priority for the Lakers now that Scott is gone.  However expect a slow start from the Lakers as they implement this plan.

Bucks Mis Firing

OJ Mayo has announced he will turn down the player option for 2017 thus making him a free agent after this year for the Bucks.  Have to ship him now but teams now desperation when they see it.  Kings Ty Lawson is battling cyber thieves who plucked personal videoes off his laptop.  Now they are holding them for ransom.  Just when you think it can not get any odder in Sacramento, this story crops up.

So there you go.  Kings and Lakers will falter in the beginning but for different reasons.  Kings are still rudderless and adrift in the current.  LA has finally making headway towards longterm goals.  Good fortune to you today and we will see you next time here at APEX Basketball.


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